Monday, 19 March 2012

Down in the Sun

Well I think my first international race can be considered something of a success. Still recovering from pneumonia brought on quite the dehydration for my race so I didn't have the race I could've had in good health but overall it was an amazing experience.

And I guess I can't complain with thirteenth overall and a set of silver medals for the Canadian Junior Girls Team

It was 34 degrees and super humid and the most painful race of my life. The dehydration caused me to have heavy legs right from the start so staying comitted for the entire race was a major mental challenge.

But I stuck it out and raced the best I could given the circumstances and realized those girls from different countries weren't as intimidating as they seemed.

But if I thought it was painful during the race, I had no idea what was coming after...

Racing dehyrated meant I got to go through the fun of finishing with blurry vision and seized up calves

It took some magic from our trainer Paula, 1200 ml of water, 800 ml of electrolyte beverage, ice, and about an hour just for my legs to forgive me enough to start walking again

Definately not something I've ever experienced in Canada

But it was still an amazing race and by far the best xc running meet I've ever been to.

 Seriously, what could compare to warming up to some Carribean music blasting through speakers in the field?

Now I just need my body to recover so I can get back to training and get ready for some more amazing races!

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