Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Spikes? check. Passport? check. Nerves? Check!

3 hours down, 14 to go until I hit 28 degree heat... not too bad compared to the -16 degree weather I started in this morning

That's right people, I'm on my way to my first international competition!

It certainly wasn't easy getting here- trying to balance running with cross-country skiing, training in snow storms, taking a full week off to recover from pneumonia, treadmill running- all I can hope now is that I did something right between all of that and am now fully prepared to race.

Nervous? Yes.

Excited? Hell yes.

I've never ran in this kind of heat. I've never ran with this level of competition. And I've never ran with 'Canada' emblazoned across my chest. Whatever happens, this is certainly going to be an experience. I can't wait.

Oh, and I haven't mentioned what comes after my race in Trinidad...

Am I staying down South for a little vacation?


Am I heading home to get some rest?


Am I heading to Quebec for Cross Country Ski Nationals?

That's right...

I'll be going straight from running in the heat of Trinidad to skiing in the cold of Quebec... with only one day spent flying to seperate the races. Yeah that's going to be an interesting ski race...

But whatever, I can rest when I'm old. I love racing and certainly enjoy this semi-glamorous lifestyle for a teenager.

So wish me luck people, the biggest race of my sixteen year life is taking place in 3 days.

 Let's go Team Canada!

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