Friday, 23 March 2012

Finally Heading Home

Well it turns out I'm not Superwoman so Cross Country Ski Nationals sadly did not happen. I tried to get it back together for the races but my body was not willing to cooperate.

Turns out a bout of pneumonia, followed by a day of plane travel, followed by a few days of running around in the sun, followed by an international race, followed by another day of plane travel are not optimal for recovery or preparation for a major national competition.

Yes I did everything in my power to rehydrate and rest so that I could try to squeeze in at least one race but in the end I made the responsible decision that it was too dangerous and not safe for my health...

Wow I hate being responsible.

Although this was really difficult and dissapointing to me, I sucked it up and enjoyed a week in Quebec. I watched ski races, did some light recreational skiing on the beautiful trails of Mont Ste Anne, visited Quebec City, and enjoyed lots of bonding with my teammates.

Oh and the 20 degree weather we got all week was pretty amazing too, we are in Canada after all

Overall I stayed positive and took the experience for what it was but now can't wait to get home to Newfoundland...

Where there's still a little bit of the winter cold waiting for me

Oh well, now I'll be resting up and getting healthy until it's time to start preparing for track season!

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